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Windsong Horse & Carriage - A for horse and carriage - A full service ranch offering horse boarding and leasing, trail riding and a large riding arenaWindsong Horse & Carriage - A for horse and carriage - A full service ranch offering horse boarding and leasing, trail riding and a large riding arenaWindsong Horse & Carriage - A for horse and carriage - A full service ranch offering horse boarding and leasing, trail riding and a large riding arena


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Windsong Horse & Carriage
R.R. 1, Bognor, Ontario
N0H 1E0
(519) 376-1518 (tel.)
(519) 378-8405 (cell)


At Windsong Ranch we offer a friendly, easy going atmosphere in a non-competitive environment, plenty of arena time and help/support with your horse if you ask! 

We enjoy working obstacles with Extreme Cowboy, Mountain Trail, and of course Trail Riding! We offer riding or handling lessons and can help support you in your training goals!


25 stall horse barn 

10x12 box stalls, rubber matted, shavings, windows

Wash stall indoors & area outdoors, hot/cold water

Individual Large Locking Tack Closets

Round Pen - portable 

Indoor or Outdoor Board, Paddocks and Pastures, shelter, water & salt/mineral always available

Excellent Quality hay & feed, fed twice daily, more if required 

Trail Riding - bring your friends and family and join them on your own horse

Weekly Fun Day/Night with obstacles, drill riding, horse agility or trail rides

Communication, safe handling & understanding of horses - suitable for beginners & intermediate horse enthusiasts, We are happy to help you whether you ride or just love your horse from the ground and would like to learn more!

English & Western Lessons available on site (outside coaches welcome with proof of insurance)

Learn how to Drive horses

Horse Transportation

Hundreds of Acres to explore and Trail Ride! Even a pond to swim with your horse!

We are on-site 24-7 so the horses are watched and checked on many times daily

*** If we don't offer something you require please ask! ***


Indoor Board  - Regular                       $375/mtn (Equalizer & some feed included)

Indoor Board - Premium                      $550/mtn (Equalizer & most feed included) - blanketing included

Outdoor Board - Easy Keepers Only      $250/mtn (no extra feed required - in mixed herd with shelter)

Outdoor Board - Extra Care                  $300/mtn (provide own feed for 1-2x daily)

Daily/Overnight Board                          $25/day - includes stall hay & bedding

Blanketing  (month)                            $100/mtn or $5 per blanket change

Training starts at                                 $200/mtn - $400/mtn (add on to regular indoor board only)

Exercising                                            $200/mtn (add onto any board - up to 2 rides/wk)

Arena Rental (trailer ins)                      $20/hr per person outdoor arena & trail obstacles

                                                           $25/hr per person indoors with lights on/otherwise same as outdoor


- Many Extra Services Available upon Request -

Full Service board includes - we can look after most of your horses needs! We can book routine Vet & Farrier appointments regularly & accompany/hold your horse (you pay them), we worm 2 times a year,

we will tend to small wounds & administer minor medications, basic groom/pick feet, if your horse needs it 

Use of all facilities

- Blanketing extra -

Outdoor board is not pasture board as we feed hay or fresh cut hay - cut daily

Use of all facilities

We ask for a signed boarding agreement, one month deposit - this is negotiable and completely refundable with a minimum of 30 days written notice if leaving 

Our training Services start at $200 for 2-3 days/week or $400 for 5-6 days/week - includes up to 4 lessons with your horse per 30 day period

Basic Western Riding or Driving Lessons provided by Gord Sturm $35/hr 

Outside Instructors/Coaches Welcome with proof of Insurance


Everything INCLUDED!!

No initial investment, not locked in!

No tack, supplies, or horse to purchase

No vet, farriers or feeding concerns

No purchase stress - horse healthy, or a good fit for me?

Leasing a horse, gives you freedom & flexibility

Horse is suited to your ability and you can advance to

other horses too!

Youth, Adults and Seniors are Welcome!

Lease to buy options

Leasing Rates

Full Lease - anytime   $325

Half lease (12)            $250

Quarter lease (5)        $165

Weekly (8)                  $200

Weekly (4)                  $140

Helmet Rental             $20

Lessons (private)         $35/hr

Lessons (group 3+)     $30/hr

Hourly lease - you tack $35/hr

Extra Services Available by Request

                 ADD HST

Full & Part Leases include:

- annual vet & vaccinations

- worming

- bare foot trimming

- help nearby when requested

Tack & grooming equipment provided:

- halter & lead line

- western saddle & blanket

- bridle, brushes, pick etc.

Helmets are available by request $20/mtn or buy your own 

Weekly Pre-paid Rides - 4 rides per month, lessons separate = 4 Experienced riders/Windsong approved 

Weekly Pre-paid Rides - 8 rides per month, lessons separate = 8 Windsong approved rider

Quarter Lease - up to 4 rides per month, includes 1 lesson = 5

Part/Half Lease - 3 days/week (up to10 rides), includes 2 lessons = 12

Full Lease - available for you anytime, can be shown if desired 

Each month starts at ride #1 - no carry over of unused rides

A ride is considered a day - usually no time limits on your booked day

(minimum riding per month required to keep the horse in shape, or used for Windsong trail rides)

Leases are for experienced or Windsong approved riders - may/may not require ongoing lessons at extra cost over the package amount.

Indoor and Outdoor Arenas maximize horse time!

And provides a safe learning and training environment

Approved Equine Helmets available for rent, or purchase a helmet and proper footwear (heel sufficient so your foot doesn't slide through the stirrup)


We buy horses for our own purposes to use on our Ranch trail riding or Carriage business, if they don't work out as we had hoped, for whatever reason, then we offer them for sale - they are well known by us. We also sometimes have horses given to us who need work or to be re-homed or horses we have had for many years that may enjoy belonging to an individual instead of being ridden by many different people. 

ALL Windsong horses are healthy, happy and well fed! Any problems or issues or vices we are aware of are mentioned and pointed out to prospective buyers. They are all up to date on shots, worming and farrier.


Unless otherwise stated as included